“Verdant Escape” — Southern Lady Magazine, 2017

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 Function and Beauty Meet to Create a Vibrant Garden Expanse

Troy Rhone’s team approached this landscape design project with an eye on ensuring it matched the interior design of the client’s house. He created a stunningly beautiful garden that blends the inside with the outside. The end result is a series of “garden rooms” that flow together but also exist as their own distinctive segments. While every garden room has its own identity, they are all intricately blended as well.

In addition to being a beautifully designed garden, it is very functional for the owners. Practical additions like benches and a workshed meet their everyday needs. Troy’s team also included rain barrels to store nutrient-rich rainwater. The landscape design provides plenty of space for fresh vegetables and cut flowers—making it a working garden.

See the full article “Verdant Escape” in Southern Lady magazine for additional details on the flowers and plants used for this landscape design.

“Summer Sanctuary” — FLOWERS & GARDENS, 2017

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Jan and Lane Savage wanted a garden oasis with an ever-changing showcase of flora. To fulfill their vision, Garden Designer Troy Rhone created a unique garden with terraces climbing the slopes of their mountainside property. The result is a living amphitheater, with radiant performers that include peonies, roses, and dahlias.

Around the garden, Troy included nectar-rich plants to invite bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds—all of which fly daintily among the petals. To explore the tranquil have, there are wooden steps, a gravel walkway, and a path of stepping stones.

This “Summer Sanctuary” garden design even includes a statue of Saint Francis of Assisi, which takes pride of place beneath the window of his wife’s sewing room.

See additional photos of the “Summer Sanctuary” and read the full article in Victoria Classics FLOWERS and GARDENS, published July 2017.

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“Living Legacy” Article — Garden & Gun Magazine, 2016

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See how Troy Rhone designed the gardens for Birmingham steel heiress, the late Barbara Ingalls Shook. These remarkable gardens are a tribute to the equally remarkable woman. From daffodils to irises,  Letten roses to tiny boxwoods, Troy created a masterpiece landscape design fitting for the late heiress.

While Parterre style gardens are generally designed to show symmetry and order, Troy included less traditional additions to this landscape design—including wide-open, sunny spaces. This garden, while formal, also memorializes the unconventional woman. It is a garden truly inspired by her.

Read the full article “Living Legacy”—originally published in Feb/March Garden & Gun magazine 2016.




“Gathering Grounds” Article — Southern Lady, 2015

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Troy Rhone planned cozy patio seating amid natural surroundings in this beautiful garden for Candy Meyerson.  

This unique garden design perfectly takes advantage of the Alabama setting, providing privacy while feeling spacious. French doors link the home’s inside to the outdoors, creating a wonderful harmonious flow. The entire garden is divided into a central lawn and a series of patios.

The newly enclosed garden is expanded with a hedge of ‘Mary Nell’ holly along with figs that creep up the brick walls. Tiny boxwood trees make up the majority of the landscape design plantings. Bilevel patios are edged with the same bricks Troy’s team also used to create the retaining wall. An elegant fountain and a pair of dining areas complete this serene garden scene. It’s an idyllic hangout space, perfect for sharing with family or friends. Whether hosting a cocktail party, a large crowd, or an intimate meal, the area feels spacious yet intimate.

Read the full article “Gathering Grounds” in Southern Lady magazine, May-June 2015 edition.


“Rooms to Grow” Article — Southern Lady Magazine, 2014

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Turn a Plain Backyard into an Eye-catching Outdoor Room!

A little bit of planning goes a long way to create a botanical paradise. Garden Designer Troy Rhone designed a series of outdoor rooms for this special garden—giving them as much attention as he would any interior space. A stone path leads the way from the house to the garden, punctuated with a pair of gates that separate individual spaces. Troy filled the area with colorful annuals and hardy perennials. The end result feels like a delightful English garden, rambling yet composed. A birdbath centered on the back fence even attracts avian visitors. The garden was featured in the garden design section of the magazine Southern Lady in 2014.

See additional pictures and read the full article “Rooms to Grow” in Southern Lady Magazine.

“Wake Up the Front Yard” — Southern Living, March 2012

We’re excited to have one of our recent projects featured in Southern Living March 2012! This little house in Mountain Brook, Alabama looked like part of a witness protection program. It was hidden away by shrubs and totally colorless. Today, you can see the dramatic changes we made with a cottage garden plan.
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