Creating Gardens for Dreamers Everywhere


We bring your garden vision to life.

Clients love being able to come home to our gardens. Our custom designed gardens connect with clients on an emotional level.


Our team designs spaces that not only meet your needs and wants, but add creativity and depth beyond what you could have imagined.


Our gardens enhance the architecture of the home while complementing the unique interiors and personalities of the homeowners.

We create gardens for dreamers everywhere.

For 20+ years, our legacy has been bringing to life beautiful, practical and timeless gardens for our clients across the United State and abroad. We hope to do the same for you!

“We focus on each client’s specific personality and lifestyle to design their ideal outdoor space.”

Our Process





Initial Consult

We meet at your home to learn about your individual needs and dreams for your garden. During this visit, we review your property’s unique features and constraints. We brainstorm ways to solve your existing problems while creating the garden of your dreams.

Design Phase

In the design phase, we work with you to create a plan that details all changes to your garden, which often includes drainage, hardscapes, plantings, furniture, irrigation, lighting and accessories. We also determine a budget for your project so we can design with finances in mind. At the end of this phase, we review, revise and finalize the garden design with you to ensure it fulfils your unique dream.

Garden Implementation

During implementation, we estimate the cost of installing your garden and advise you on what can be accomplished within your given budget. Working closely with our team of craftsmen and professionals, we ensure your garden is built with the highest attention to detail and quality, all the while keeping you informed of our progress.

Maintenance Plan

Your finished garden will require maintenance to stay beautiful. This is why we develop a customized maintenance plan that you or your maintenance professional can follow to help your garden thrive for years to come. We also offer quarterly and as-needed maintenance services to keep your garden lovely year-round.


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