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How does Troy Rhone define success in a garden? Read the full article "Meet: Troy Rhone" — published in Flower magazine.

“Meet: Troy Rhone” — Flower Magazine, July/August, 2017

Curious how Troy Rhone got his start in the garden design business? This month’s issue of Flower magazine featured an up-close interview with Troy. He shared details on his approach to garden design and some of his favorite plants.

Troy’s personal garden style is what he defines as “a refined cottage look.” He’s a big fan of clean lines and not letting a garden feel too “fussy” or “modern” looking. While his gardens do have a formal edge to them — he loves to include boxwoods for structure — Troy also likes to loosen things up overall. For example, rather than keeping boxwoods sheared very tight, he’ll let some growth happen to allow the plants to appear relaxed.

Some of Troy’s favorite plants include antique roses. The reason may surprise you: they’re beautiful, and they’re bulletproof! They have a stunning fragrance, yet they thrive on neglect. He’s a strong promoter of evergreens for texture as well. Rosemary makes a fragrant spikey addition to a garden, along with lamb’s ear for its sliver fluffy leaves.

Curious how Troy Rhone defines success in a garden? Read the full article “Meet: Troy Rhone” — published in the Fresh Style section of Flower magazine, July/August of 2017 edition.

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