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“Tuplipomania” — Flower Magazine, Spring 2011

Is the tulip one of your favorite backyard flower garden plants? If so, you’re not alone. Gardeners have been fascinated by tulips for thousands of years. Starting in 1,000 A.D. these wildflowers of Central Asia were cultivated by the Turks. Cultivation of tulips spread to Western Europe and the Netherlands. The tulip eventually became the symbol of capitalism for the common Dutchman. In 1636, the price of tulips dramatically spiked and was referred to as “tulipomania” by many Dutchmen. Unfortunately, the bubble burst and by the next year, many fields were only worth pennies on the dollar.

Learn more about the tulip’s fascinating history and how you can best grow tulips in your backyard flower garden. Read our full article “Tulipomania” — featured in the Flower Magazine, Spring 2011.

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