“Deck Around Pool” Gardens — Dallas Decorators Showhouse, Traditional Home 2017

Troy Rhone Garden Design was delighted to participate in the Dallas Decorators Showhouse.

Troy Rhone has a unique approach to garden design, especially when it comes to designing the deck around a pool. Since decks are usually large, he looks for ways to soften the area and make the whole space inviting. This can be achieved with warm hues and pops of color.

pool and deck - garden planner

In the Dallas Decorators Showhouse, Troy stuck with flora that was white and various shades of green in his garden plan. The strategy worked, and the overall landscaping for the deck around the pool area was charming and playful.

pool and deck design

Ornaments & Furniture for Deck Around Pool Gardens

Picking the right furniture is also crucial. Troy included contemporary furniture from Woodard. (To see a list of Troy’s resources and suppliers, see the full article in Traditional Home.)

Troy’s specialty is creating outside spaces that are an extension of the interior. The refreshing deck around the pool for the Dallas Showhouse project is a reflection of his lifelong passion for beautiful gardens that invite day-to-day living.

Read the full article in Traditional Home, 2017 issue.

Troy Rhone believes a well-designed garden should reach in and touch our soul while not overwhelming the life of the one who cultivates it. He was raised in a family of writers, artists, and gardeners—his passion for gardens began as a child and has grown ever since.

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