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Include a camellia flower for a pop of color in elegant garden design.

“Camellia Cheer” — Flower Magazine, Winter 2008

The Camellia Flower Is a Pop of Color in an Elegant Garden Design

In the middle of a bleak winter, a camellia can be a welcome burst of joyful color and life. The beauty of the camellia is a perfect holiday addition to elegant garden design. Its bright red petals and yellow stamens make a wonderful contrast. The glossy evergreen foliage, reminiscent of the leaves of those two Southern staples—magnolias and gardenias—lends a stylish sheen to arrangements.

Read more about the camellia’s unique characteristics in the article “Camellia Cheer” in Flower Magazine. You’ll soon be using this flower to add a punch of festive color to your décor.

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