“The Color Purple” — Flower Magazine, June 2012

Our Founding Fathers in America Brough Their Favorite Plants from the English Country Garden – Including the Vibrant Lilac

There is nothing sweeter than the smell of a lilac in spring. This stunning flower has long been a favorite of Americans. Thomas Jefferson and George Washington planted gardens with varieties of lilacs, brought from their English country gardens. These vibrant hued clusters come in purple, white, yellow, pink and even luscious deeper reds.

Troy Rhone’s favorite varieties of the lilac include the Sensation, Miss Ellen Wilmott, and the Congo. Whether you’re planning a classic English country garden, a French Parterre, or a more modern American garden, consider including the sweet smell of lilac for a horticultural hit.

Learn more about planting and caring for lilac in the article “The Color Purple” — published in Flower Magazine, June 2010. You’ll find suggestions on the best climate, soil, and sun for your lilacs.  Troy also has tips on avoiding diseases for your lilacs and picking the best varieties.

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