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Explore this new garden home where outdoor spaces are as important as inside life.

“Garden Home” — Birmingham Home & Garden, July 2011

Garden designer Troy Rhone and his wife Randi designed their home and garden in harmony with their life philosophy: enjoy what you have, don’t just focus on acquiring more.

As guests approach the home, they are immediately welcomed by stately hedges and an inviting pea gravel driveway.  Instead of a visual distraction, the driveway is an integral part of the garden. A walk through the gardens takes you past a white garden, a perennial garden, and a rose garden — reminiscent of English garden design. Elegant statues and fountains create architectural interest. Each garden area is unique, and they have the feel of “garden rooms” as you wander through them. These beautifully designed outdoor spaces are perfect for entertaining guests, and they show clients examples of Troy Rhone’s landscape design style.

When Troy and Randi bought the three-bedroom, one-bathroom house, it was the ugliest on the street.  Built in 1957, it desperately needed updates on the floors and the walls.  The main living area underwent some large-scale renovations, including enclosing the dining room and installing new floors. The updated interior now showcases charming antiques, including a 17th-century French bed in the guest room and other family heirlooms. The house is purposefully full of neutral colors for Troy’s peace of mind. He says “I work with so much color. I need my mind to be able to settle.”

The family eats many meals on the serene outdoor deck overlooking the gardens. The vegetable garden is a special favorite, and it provides the family with blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes and more.

See more photos and read the full article “Garden Home” — published in Birmingham Home & Garden magazine, July 2011 edition.

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