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Troy Rhone's attention to detail in this recent garden design transformed a once-neglected lawn into a haven. 

“The Summer Sanctuary” — Flower & Gardens Magazine, 2017

Jan and Lane Savage now enjoy a garden oasis of ever-changing flora and fauna. Landscape designer Troy Rhone transformed their half-acre lot into a series of outdoor rooms. Their beautiful new backyard is featured in Flower Magazine August 2017 edition.

flower magazine

“All gardeners know that the yeard you have today will not be the one you have next week or next year,” say Jan Savage.

Since Jan wanted to handle all the garden’s upkeep herself, Troy helped her consider closely the upkeep that each plant they chose would require. Jan’s favorite times in her gardens are early morning and fading sunlight. When her husband gets home from work, the first thing they do is head outside to the gardens.

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