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Formal garden design brings old world charm to this beautiful garden.

“Old World Charm” — Alabama Gardner, October 2010

As American neighborhoods keep exploding, many feel the need for “personal space” more today than ever before. The appeal of the “old world garden” is growing among residents who value privacy and peace. In large cities, a person may be confined to a small balcony with a tiny amount of outdoor space. The average neighborhood lot is now approximately one-quarter of an acre. As Americans build bigger homes, our seams are bursting! Due to this, the trend for formal garden design in the outdoor courtyard or a private garden room has come full circle.

Where did the “old world” formal garden design idea originate? How can you create the perfect formal garden design with an “old world” feel to it? Landscape designer Troy Rhone offers insightful advice on how to pick out special antique pieces to give your garden oasis character and ambiance.

Read the full article here, originally published in the Alabama Gardener, October 2010.

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