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How did Troy Rhone's garden design help an iconic cottage in  Mountain Brook realize its full potential?

“Defining Story of Troy Rhone” Garden Design — Birmingham Home & Garden, 2019

Revitalizing A Hidden Gem

The house where Troy and his wife live with their two small children was built sometime in the 1950s—or possibly earlier.  It’s a little bit of a mystery. Some potential buyers considered tearing down the house, but the community is so happy that Troy decided to revitalize it instead.

When they acquired the property, it was overgrown and no one knew exactly how large it was. The property actually came with an easement that belonged to the Country Club, so there was thankfully some extra room to work with in crafting the garden design.

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Designing for Beauty and Fun

The intention of a garden is to give everyone opportunities for fun and enjoyment outside. That’s why Troy’s garden design included a formal lawn where his kids can play. The garden even includes a trampoline. While this might seem slightly unconventional for a garden design, Troy is sure his two young children will remember the trampoline with fond memories. He also has plans to add a koi pond and shade garden for his son.

Troy’s daughter wanted a flower garden, so he incorporated a border in front of the house where they can swap flowers twice a year. This is a great opportunity to teach his daughter plant names and introduce her to concepts of micronutrients and fertilizer. In many ways, this garden design was created around the people who will live there and enjoy it.

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Blending House and Garden

To create the ideal garden design, Troy always takes into consideration how the garden will be viewed from each room of the house. And not to be forgotten are accessories. From decorative items to a fence to keep in the dog, ornamental items beautify the property while adding structure and practicality.

“I always encourage my clients to use antiques in their gardens. We have them in our homes, and we should have them in our gardens as well.” —Troy Rhone

Read the details in the July/August 2019 issue of Birmingham Home & Garden. It features a story about Troy’s own personal garden design.

Garden design by Troy Rhone and architecture by Bill Ingram.

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