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Inside the Outdoor & Indoor Garden Design of Troy Rhone

“Gracious Gardens” — Birmingham Home & Garden, May/June 2010

Randi and Troy Rhone’s pastoral paradise was revealed to the public last spring for the Garden Conservancy’s Open Days Tour. Troy, the owner of Troy Rhone Garden Design, wanted a home that unified all aspects of the property’s outdoor and indoor garden design. “We blended the interior design, the outside architecture, and the garden,” says Troy. “What you see outside complements what is inside.”

The outdoor areas are divided into garden rooms, and the landscape has a floor plan feel with its strategic use of planting beds and placement of antique statuary. Gravel paths form hallways, and borders seemingly become walls.

In the outdoor living area, a stone terrace sets the scene with a dining table and umbrella. These are surrounded by arborvitae and voluminous pots spilling over with colorful annuals.

A second garden room, distinguished by boxwood hedges framing a carpet of grass, is punctuated by four classical statues. This garden design includes beds of iris, achillea, daisies, and sweet William to add color.

Read the full article to learn more about the raised beds Troy created for the kitchen vegetable garden design. Troy also shares details on the types of flowers chosen for each section of the outdoor and indoor garden design.

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