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Your home has an entrance hall, so maybe your garden should too.

“Entrance Halls” — Alabama Gardener, May 2011

Your guests get a great first impression with an entrance hall in your house — so how about your garden?

Birmingham-based garden designer Troy Rhone designs with “garden rooms” in his landscapes. The concept of a “garden room” is not new. In fact, it dates back to the Persians. Their garden or courtyard was essentially the center of their home, with the house wrapping around it. The garden is meant to be more than just landscape. It’s an outdoor space that can be viewed and interacted with. Troy does a beautiful job making gardens into livable spaces that extend the home into the outdoors.

When designing for an entrance hall, he uses plant groupings that match in flower and foliage color. He also uses a limited number of textures, keeping it simple so the eye is not bouncing around. In this article, photographs show the round planter Troy designed as a focal point for the entryway. The garden’s “Entrance Hall” is more than just a pretty landscape. It includes a lot of thought since it’s the first thing an approaching driver sets eyes on. It draws the visitor into the vicinity of the home.

Read the full article “Make a Good Impression with Entrance Halls” — published in Alabama Gardener, May 2011 edition.


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