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Troy's process for designing gardens reflects the unique lives of each individual garden owner.

“Gems of the Garden” — Southern Lady Magazine, 2018

How does Troy Rhone create perfectly charming outdoor sanctuaries, pool deck designs, and quiet gardens abodes? This issue of Southern Lady Magazine delves into Troy’s process for designing gardens that reflect the unique lives of each individual garden owner.

An Artful Mix of Nature & Antiques

One very important step in the garden design process is selecting vintage and antique pieces—either family heirlooms or elements selected by Troy—since they hold strong meaning and personal value. Troy’s personal touch, intricately mixing antiques with lush plantings and abundant blooms, is key to the essence in his designs.

“These elements bring history into the garden,” Troy states. “They instill a feeling that you’re not going to get from something store-bought and mass-manufactured. They give you a personal touch that you couldn’t get otherwise.”

The article includes an account of one of Troy’s clients who survived cancer three times. For her garden design, he included fitting garden statuary to reflect her unwavering strength through her struggles.

The use of antiques and statuary pieces are also part of Troy’s penchant for designing outdoor gardens to be an extension of home interiors.  Curious how Troy picks such stunning statues and antiques? The article also features helpful tips from Troy on how to shop for garden antiques and statuary pieces. (You’ll want to read these four great principles before purchasing your next garden statue!)

See additional photos and read the full article “Gems of the Garden” — published by Southern Lady Magazine.

The Southern Lady Magazine article was written by Elizabeth Czapski and photographed by Ryan Carlson.

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