Alys Beach Courtyard

LOCATION: Alys Beach, Florida


  • Drew upon travels to Antigua and Guatemala to design authentic, old-world courtyards for homes at Alys Beach.
  • Created outdoor rooms that feel like an extension of the home.
  • Wisely-selected plants to withstand harsh coastal conditions.
  • Incorporated pools and fountains to create tranquil spaces.


We had the opportunity to design several courtyards for private residences in Alys Beach, Florida. Our goal was to design courtyards with an old-world feel that matched the Spanish colonial architecture of the town. We traveled to Antigua, Guatemala with the sole purpose of studying courtyards to inform our designs.

It was important that each courtyard felt like a true room of the home. We accomplished this by making sure each space provided shelter from the elements while also being thoughtfully furnished and accessorized. Each courtyard features a pool or fountain to both act as a noise barrier and add tranquility. Plants, carefully chosen for their tolerance of coastal conditions, soften the hardscape elements. We succeeded in creating livable outdoor rooms for many clients at Alys Beach.