French-New Orleans Retreat

LOCATION: Birmingham, Alabama


  • Fulfilled client’s dream of creating a garden inspired by both New Orleans and the South of France.
  • Featured our client’s collection of antiques as focal points in the garden.
  • Employed restraint by choosing simple plantings and pastel colors.
  • Designed loose plantings to keep the garden informal.


A love for New Orleans and the French countryside led our client to create a garden inspired by both locations. She had lived in many places and owned an eclectic mix of antiques that she wanted to be incorporated into her garden. We opted for a simple design to highlight her unique collection.

Clouded boxwood plantings and a cool pastel color pallet keep the garden refined without being fussy. We selected loose plantings and groundcovers to keep the space informal. The garden accentuates the eclectic and welcoming personality of our client and her home.


Troy Rhone Garden Designer

Client Feedback:

"We had Troy design our whole yard in Birmingham in 2009 and he did an unbelievable job. We were very satisfied with every aspect of the project. Troy is a truly gifted landscape designer and I say with some knowledge as I am a Master Gardener."