Quaint Crestline Cottage

LOCATION: Mountain Brook, Alabama


  • Added curb appeal to enhance the quaintness of this Crestline cottage.
  • Optimized parking with an attractive pea gravel drive.
  • Designed a sleek stone patio and steps to add a modern touch to the home.
  • Sectioned off the front lawn with a low stone wall.
  • Incorporated color and accents to draw the eye to the front of the home.


This cottage in Crestline needed a makeover to enhance its curb appeal. Our first task was to add a pea gravel drive for more convenient parking. We then incorporated a new bluestone patio and steps with a clean design and no joints to add a modern touch. Flowering window boxes and a low planter add further interest and serve to draw the eye to the front of the home.

The space is completed by the short retaining wall topped with a low fence that surrounds a small lawn. We intentionally kept this wall short to bring the house into scale. The roses and perennials we added soften the wall, giving the home a true cottage aesthetic.


Client Feedback:

Working with Troy Rhone is so enjoyable and, for those of us not botanically knowledgeable, it is very instructive, as well. The end product will exceed your expectations. His quiet manner and amazing knowledge will give you an experience like none other working with a design professional. Lovely coffee table books allow us to see beautiful gardens around the world. And, after Troy designs yours, you will only have to step out your front door for your own slice of heaven or, should I say, “Garden of Eden!