Modern Cottage

LOCATION: Mountain Brook, Alabama


  • Tastefully reinvented the cottage garden with a modern spin.
  • Added a clean-lined patio with diamond cutouts to accent the front entrance.
  • Sourced unique furniture and containers which give the design a fresh touch.
  • Featured traditional elements and plantings to evoke a cottage garden feel.


My dream for my own garden was to adapt a traditional cottage garden to my newly renovated home. I wanted to achieve a fresh aesthetic to keep it from feeling like a “grandma garden”. A bluestone terrace with diamond cutouts and grass joints adds a modern touch to the entrance. The use of unique terra cotta pots and furniture with modern lines furthers updates the classic cottage look.

Traditional elements like the white picket fence and the plantings of boxwood, rose and hydrangea lend the cottage feel to the garden. I incorporated the four seasons statues because they give a garden a timeless quality. It brings me joy to come home and spend time in a garden that fits my home and suits my lifestyle.