Parterre Courtyard

LOCATION: Mountain Brook, Alabama


  • Created inviting entertaining spaces in a previously wooded back yard.
  • Added walls to enhance the garden’s privacy.
  • Achieved a balance between a formal and informal design aesthetic.
  • Succeeded in integrating the terrace with the back gardens.


Our client sought to create an inviting entertaining space in her wooded backyard. We defined the border of her garden with walls to separate the garden from the woods and give her privacy. We then laid out the gardens so that they would flow naturally from the back terrace.

The client liked the clean lines of formal gardens but didn’t want her garden to be so formal it felt stuffy. We utilized boxwood parterres to give her garden clean lines but added faux-bois benches, ferns, and hydrangeas to soften up the style. This garden fulfills the client’s dream of having a refined yet relaxed space to entertain her guests.



Client Feedback:

“Working with Troy was extremely pleasant. It really was a team approach. He was practical as well as creative."