“Garden Home” — Birmingham Home & Garden, July 2011

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A Garden Home Where Outdoor Spaces Are as Important as Inside Life.

Garden designer Troy Rhone and his wife Randi designed their home and garden in harmony with their life philosophy: enjoy what you have, don’t just focus on acquiring more.

As guests approach the home, they are immediately welcomed by stately hedges and an inviting pea gravel driveway.  Instead of a visual distraction, the driveway is an integral part of the garden. A walk through the gardens takes you past a white garden, a perennial garden, and a rose garden — reminiscent of English garden design. Elegant statutes and fountains create architectural interest. Each garden area is unique, and they have the feel of “garden rooms” as you wander through them. These beautifully designed outdoor spaces are perfect for entertaining guests, and they show clients examples of Troy Rhone’s landscape design style.

When Troy and Randi bought the three-bedroom, one-bathroom house, it was the ugliest on the street.  Built in 1957, it desperately needed updates on the floors and the walls.  The main living area underwent some large-scale renovations, including enclosing the dining room and installing new floors. The updated interior now showcases charming antiques, including a 17th-century French bed in the guest room and other family heirlooms. The house is purposefully full of neutral colors for Troy’s peace of mind. He says “I work with so much color. I need my mind to be able to settle.”

The family eats many meals on the serene outdoor deck overlooking the gardens. The vegetable garden is a special favorite, and it provides the family with blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes and more.

See more photos and read the full article “Garden Home” — published in Birmingham Home & Garden magazine, July 2011 edition.

“Gracious Gardens” — Birmingham Home & Garden, May/June 2010

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Inside the Outdoor & Indoor Garden Design of Troy Rhone

Randi and Troy Rhone’s pastoral paradise was revealed to the public last spring for the Garden Conservancy’s Open Days Tour. Troy, the owner of Troy Rhone Garden Design, wanted a home that unified all aspects of the property’s outdoor and indoor garden design. “We blended the interior design, the outside architecture, and the garden,” says Troy. “What you see outside complements what is inside.”

The outdoor areas are divided into garden rooms, and the landscape has a floor plan feel with its strategic use of planting beds and placement of antique statuary. Gravel paths form hallways, and borders seemingly become walls.

In the outdoor living area, a stone terrace sets the scene with a dining table and umbrella. These are surrounded by arborvitae and voluminous pots spilling over with colorful annuals.

A second garden room, distinguished by boxwood hedges framing a carpet of grass, is punctuated by four classical statues. This garden design includes beds of iris, achillea, daisies, and sweet William to add color.

Read the full article to learn more about the raised beds Troy created for the kitchen vegetable garden design. Troy also shares details on the types of flowers chosen for each section of the outdoor and indoor garden design.

“DIY Outdoor Living” — Birmingham Home & Garden, 2008

Troy Rhone Garden Design Plans

Garden Design Plans for Outdoor Living

When two actors relocated from Hollywood California to Birmingham Alabama, their backyard garden area needed a total makeover. The house was small, so the family needed an outdoor garden area where they could entertain. Troy Rhone helped extensively with garden design plans to specify the placement of patios, a stone-stacked fireplace and antique door. Troy planned and selected the plants to dignify the landscape and create the perfect outdoor living space.

Read the full article “DIY Outdoor Living”—published in Birmingham Home & Garden, Sept/October 2008. The outdoor space was featured on DIY Network’s Indoors, Out.

“Rosy Outlook” Birmingham Home & Garden, 2007

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From the English Rose Garden to Heirlooms Roses, Why This Flower Is Worth the Extra Effort

Roses may be fussy, but those who love them believe they’re worth the extra effort. For some flower lovers, nothing says elegance like the perfect English rose garden.

Do you find the world or rose gardens complex and intimidating? While they may take some extra attention, well cared for roses can bloom from May to November! Just remember the basics: sun, air, fertilizer, and spray.

Learn more about caring for your rose garden in “Rosy Outlook” — published in Birmingham Home & Garden, July/August 2007.

“Starting Up, Starting Over” — Birmingham Home & Garden, 2002

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Are you considering an overhaul to your garden? If so, you’ll want to apply design principles so that it won’t have the look of happenstance to it. 

Consider first a theme. Do you want a structured look? Or do you want a flowing, less formal look? If you have a French Country style home—an English garden with boxwood borders and roses may not fit your style. If you have a flat design landscape, you’ll want a garden design to match.

What are the steps you should take to begin your garden renovation? What principles might you take into consideration?

Find helpful advice from Troy Rhone in the article “Starting Up, Starting Over” —published in Birmingham Home & Garden magazine.